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Save it for the Ruins – Real World Road Rules Challenge is Back

The Real World Road Rules Challenges, “The Ruins”, aired this evening. It was everything that you would expect from one of the best reality franchises around. It had everything. Exotic location (Phucket, Thailand), bikini clad drunk girls, macho badass action, ropes, elbow pads, and most important… scandlous ass drama.  Everyone you love and love to […]

Heroes Season 4 Premiere Couldn’t Save Me from Boredom

The season 4 premiere of Heroes aired the other day. As I was watching it I found myself unsure of how much I liked it or hated it, so while I watched, I jotted down a list of items that were good and bad about the episode so I could weigh the pros and cons […]

King of the Hill Finale Leaves Meaty After Taste

Last Sunday, the final episodes of King of the Hill aired on Fox.  It is truly the end of an era. With the Simpsons seemingly endless lifespan getting seriously old, to me King of the Hill was the only cartoon worth watching. Having a child, I am pretty much forced to watch all of the […]