Rumor: Is Kobe Bryant Hooking Up With Other Athletes At The Olympics?

Shouldn’t he have learned his lesson by now?!?! Rumor has it that Kobe Bryant is currently trying to hook up with other athletes at the Olympics in London even though his wife Vanessa and his two daughters are there with … Continue reading »

Ryan Lochte Might Get His Own Reality Television Show

So it looks like Olympic swimmers are fast becoming the new celebrities! We already told you about how Michael Phelps might be making his way to Dancing With The Stars today, and now it looks like Ryan Lochte might be … Continue reading »

Quote Of The Day: Samuel L. Jackson Live Tweeting The Olympics fires in america today

“Uh Oh, Pommel Horse next! Thass like Balance Beam for dudes! Horse def has US men’s numba! Oh well, Go USA!” – Apparently Samuel L. Jackson is having A LOT of fun live tweeting the Olympics this summer. In fact, … Continue reading »

Michael Phelps Has A New Girlfriend!

Not only does Michael Phelps get the gold, but he gets the girl too! While teammate Ryan Lochte’s love life might still remain a mystery to us all, it’s pretty clear that Michael is now dating aspiring model Megan Rosse … Continue reading »

Quote Of The Day: Ryan Lochte Admits To Peeing In The Olympic Pool

“I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go. [I didn’t] during the races, but I sure did in warm-up.” – Olympic gold medalist and swimmer Ryan Lochte after he was asked if he ever … Continue reading »

Ryan Lochte’s Mom Says He Has No Girlfriend And Only Goes On One-Night Stands

OMG! This has got to be the best quote from the Olympics so far. When asked if you have a girlfriend, could you imagine your mother saying no and instead admitting that you go on one-night stands instead? Well, if … Continue reading »

OMG! Guess Who Ryan Lochte Is Dating!

Well this came out of no where! Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte‘s private life has been suspiciously private…. until now. Apparently, the Gold Medalist is dating Atlanta rapper K. Michelle, but wants to keep things on the down low because his … Continue reading »

Ryan Lochte Opens Up About What He Sees Attractive In A Woman

While 2008 was most definitely Michael Phelps‘ year, 2012 belongs to Ryan Lochte. The swimming hottie and Olympic champion opens up to Women’s Health Magazine about what he looks for in a woman. And looking at his answers, it seems … Continue reading »