Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Takes Suri For A Sweet Treat

Katie Holmes is definitely enjoying the end of summer with daughter Suri Cruise.  After the beginning of the season that saw Katie blindsiding Tom Cruise with a divorce filing it seems that both Katie and Tom are trying to make … Continue reading »

Katie Holmes & Suri No Strangers To Ohio

Last week it was reported that Katie Holmes took Suri to Ohio to meet her cousins for the first time. Radar Online’s source claimed Tom Cruise was “very protective” of Suri and kept her close to him, his family, and … Continue reading »

Katie Holmes Introduces Suri To Her Cousins

This Radar Online story BLOWS my mind! Katie Holmes grew up the youngest of five. As you can imagine, this means Suri has a lot of cousins on Katie’s side of the family. Yet Suri had Never Met Them. What?! … Continue reading »

Suri Cruise “Adjusting Well” To Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Split

The world may have been shocked when Katie Holmes’ filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, but their daughter, Suri, reportedly is “adjusting well” to her parents’ split. With all the traveling Tom and Katie have to do (especially Tom to shoot … Continue reading »

Katie Holmes A “New Woman” Post-Split

The stories continue to fly about Katie Holmes. Yesterday people were saying Katie’s hired a “confidence coach” because she’s uncertain after divorcing Tom Cruise. Now this story says Katie is a “new woman” after ending her marriage. A source said: … Continue reading »

Fact Or Fiction: Katie Holmes Employs Confidence Coach

I’m not sure about this story, but here it is: the newly single Katie Holmes reportedly is employing a confidence coach to help her cope with her abrupt divorce from Tom Cruise. A source told Britian’s Grazia magazine: “Finally free … Continue reading »

Katie Holmes Takes Daughter Suri To A Museum In New York City

Yes, I’ll go ahead and say it: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going on overdrive by spoiling their daughter Suri just so they can show off to theworld that they’re the better parent. I mean, this girl doesn’t … Continue reading »

Rumor: Is Tom Cruise Buying George Clooney’s Lake Como, Italy Villa?

It looks like Tom Cruise is getting real serious about making some changes in his life or… he is simply wanting to buy some new real estate to forget about his marriage to Katie Holmes and perhaps even attract the … Continue reading »

Katie Holmes Dished On Future Plans Pre-Divorce

Katie Holmes did an interview with C Magazine one day before filing for divorce from Tom Cruise. We’ve heard about hints that things may not have been well from her Elle interview. A C Magazine senior editor said this: “Going … Continue reading »

Will Katie Holmes Force Tom Cruise To Take A Paternity Test?

Ooohhh. Things just got interesting. I know a lot of people have thrown around the idea that Tom Cruise might not be Suri Cruise’s biological father and it looks like her might just have to prove that he is with … Continue reading »