Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Hangs Out With The Family

I’m not surprised Justin Bieber would stay away from Selena Gomez filming kissing scenes for her new movie, but the Biebs didn’t stay at home moping about it. Instead, Justin spent the day with family. Justin, his father, and his … Continue reading »

Justin Bieber Visits Selena Gomez On The Set Of Her New Film, “Feed The Dog”

It looks like someone got a visit from their boyfriend here! Chart topper Justin Bieber was spotted visiting girlfriend Selena Gomez at the set of her new film, “Feed The Dog” in Los Angeles, Calif. Justin looked like a true … Continue reading »

Quote Of the Day: Selena Gomez On Marrying Justin Bieber

 “I’m 20. I don’t take anything in my personal life too seriously. I have great friends and a solid group of people I love. I feel like everything else will come organically. Marriage and all that other stuff I think will … Continue reading »

Hot New Video: Justin Bieber ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Ft. Big Sean

Justin Bieber practically has a mini-movie here with his new video, ‘As Long As You Love Me‘! Boy in love with girl, looks like girl’s in love with him, but girl’s Daddy doesn’t approve. Familiar enough storyline, isn’t it? But … Continue reading »

Justin Bieber Takes A Lunch Break In Burbank

After scoring multiple VMA nominations yesterday, Justin Bieber celebrated with a casual lunch in Burbank. On Tuesday afternoon, the singing sensation and his dance crew grabbed a bite at a local Outback Steakhouse. Once the Biebs and his pals finished … Continue reading »

Justin Bieber Spends The Day With His Dad And Little Sister

Well this is a side to Justin Bieber we don’t see very often – big brother! The pop superstar was seen leaving a Target store at the Topanga shopping mall in Woodland Hills today playing the doting older brother to … Continue reading »

Funny Video: Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber & Snooki Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Jimmy Kimmel has a segment on his show where he has celebs read mean tweets about themselves on camera. This segment includes Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, Snooki, Larry King and other celebs. Something tells me the mean tweet … Continue reading »

Justin Bieber Catches A Flight

Hmm, where in the world was Justin Bieber jetting off to this time? On July 23, the “Boyfriend” crooner caught a flight out of LAX. After making his way past the security checkpoint, the Biebs headed to straight to his gate. … Continue reading »

The Boys From One Direction Head To A TV Studio

These boys just never get a day off, now do they? The world’s most popular boy band right now (sorry, The Wanted) One Direction were spotted heading to a television studio to tape an appearance in London, England on Thursday … Continue reading »

Justin Bieber Sued For $9.2 Million Over Loud Concert

Justin Bieber is being sued for $9.2 million for ear damage that allegedly occurred at one of his concerts. Stacey Wilson Betts took her daughter to one of his concerts in 2010, and she alleges it was so noisy she’s … Continue reading »