Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres Goes Out And About

Another day, another afternoon outing for one of my favorite talk show hosts! On Aug. 20, Ellen DeGeneres stepped out solo in SoCal. The TV personality smiled for the cameras as she strolled along the sidewalk and headed to a … Continue reading »

Ellen DeGeneres Has Fun With The Cameras

Oh, wow. This is how every celebrity should react when they see the paparazzi in Los Angeles. Thank goodness we have the very funny and light-hearted Ellen DeGeneres to put a smile on our face as she did a little … Continue reading »

Photo Of The Day: Ellen DeGeneres Copies Miley Cyrus’ Haircut

I mean really, how can you not love Ellen DeGeneres? The funny woman posted this pic on her Facebook page with the caption, “I love Miley Cyrus‘ new haircut so much that I copied it.” Hey, they always say that imitation … Continue reading »

Ellen DeGeneres Steps Out Solo

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve spotted Ellen DeGeneres on the SoCal scene, but yesterday afternoon, the TV personality stepped out solo in West Hollywood. On Aug. 9, Ellen departed Salon Benjamin by herself. The talk show host seemed to … Continue reading »

Ellen DeGeneres Musses Up Jennifer Aniston (Video)

You have to give Ellen DeGeneres credit: she can be hilarious! She also must be good friends with Jennifer Aniston to get Jennifer to do this promo. Jennifer did a great job and just had fun with it. More importantly, … Continue reading »

Katy Perry Opens Up On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Katy Perry may be young, but she’s already taken the music industry by storm! Whether she’s performing sold-out shows or topping the charts with her smash singles, the recently-single songstress is a pop force to be reckoned with. And this … Continue reading »

Bobby Brown Talks Whitney Houston’s Death on Ellen [VIDEO]

Bobby Brown Talks Whitney Houston’s Death on Ellen [VIDEO]

Bobby Brown hasn’t really reconnected with his daughter Bobbi Kristina since Whitney’s untimely death. But it looks like he’s been dealing with his grief by spending more time with his son and fiancée around the Los Angeles area. He’s beenRead more

Fresh Like Dougie

Ryan Seacrest To Buy Ellen DeGeneres’ Beverly Hills Estate For $40 Million

We hear a lot about the soft real estate market, and we know a lot of people are struggling financially, but this story just proves that that’s not the case for everyone! ‘American Idol’/radio talk show host/reality TV super-producer Ryan … Continue reading »

Nicki Minaj Opens Up To Ellen DeGeneres About Her Explicit Lyrics And Her Career

Chart topper Nicki Minaj recently stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk with the popular chat show host about her career, what she thinks about her explicit lyrics, and how she is dealing with her fame. Here are some … Continue reading »

Lesbian JcPenney Ad – Hate By “One Million Moms” group

I just heard about the “Lesbian ad” for JcPenney. And the “One Million Moms” group commenting on it, that it’s wrong for someone to be displaying that for something that’s pretty popular. I’d just like to say that I’m disgusted. The fact that this is the world I live in, the one I represent, the one […]