Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning Stays Stylish At The Gym

‘Very Good Girls‘ star Dakota Fanning may have to workout, but she doesn’t use it as an excuse to wear any old thing. Dakota’s wearing the traditional workout gear. The hat gives her a stylish edge, though. Love it! It’s … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning Wraps Up A Workout

After finishing up a workout, Dakota Fanning looked more than ready to conquer the day yesterday. On Aug. 9, the screen starlet departed a North Hollywood gym solo before heading on her way. Sporting her fitness gear, a fab fedora … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning Is A ‘Very Good Girl’ On Set

After filming a few scenes with Elizabeth Olsen earlier this week, Dakota Fanning had another busy day on the Battery Park set of Very Good Girls July 31. The silver screen starlet seemed to be in great spirits as she … Continue reading »

Elizabeth Olsen & Dakota Fanning Shoot ‘Very Good Girls’

Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning are still hard at work shooting ‘Very Good Girls.’ Hopefully Elizabeth and Dakota are getting along well, given how much time they’re spending working together! I wouldn’t have thought to put these two together, but … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning Is A ‘Very Good Girl’

Another day, another afternoon of filming for Dakota Fanning. On July 19, the screen starlet was spotted on-location in Battery Park, NY, where she shot a few more scenes for her upcoming flick, Very Good Girls. Dakota took some direction … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen Are Back On Set

Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen both looked like they had another busy day of filming ahead. On Thursday afternoon, the screen stars were spotted on the Brooklyn set of their upcoming flick, Very Good Girls. While Elizabeth prepped for her … Continue reading »

The Stars Arrive To The Set Of ‘Very Good Girls’

Monday was a very busy day on the NYC set of Very Good Girls. From Dakota Fanning to Elizabeth Olsen and even Demi Moore, the A-Listers all looked ready to shoot some more scenes. While Dakota ditched her comfy threads for … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning & Elizabeth Olsen Are ‘Very Good Girls’

What makes Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen “very good girls”? The movie they’re shooting- lol. Dakota and Elizabeth are starring in a movie called ‘Very Good Girls.’ Here  they are on set, shooting a scene. Here’s what the movie’s about: … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning Is All Grown Up

Sometimes I see pictures on the photo agency and suddenly I feel very old! That’s exactly how I felt when I saw these pictures of Dakota Fanning filming her upcoming movie ‘Very Good Girls’. Then I read what Very Good … Continue reading »

Dakota Fanning Takes A Call

Hmm, I wonder who was on the other end of that line? On Thursday afternoon, Dakota Fanning took a call on her cell as she wandered around NYC for a bit. The Twilight Saga starlet recently finished her first year … Continue reading »