Chris Brown

Rumor: Does Chris Brown Want To Get Back With Rihanna?

It just seems like the Chris Brown andRihanna love confusion (yes, confusion) she refuses to die. Thanks Oprah! Usually after three years you kind of get over a break-up with a boyfriend, but I guess since everyone keeps on … Continue reading »

Rihanna Admits She Still Loves Chris Brown

Did you watch Rihanna on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter‘ last night? I admit, it’s on my DVR, but I didn’t get a chance to watch it live. Something tells me I’m going to read all the good excerpts before I get … Continue reading »

Chris Brown & Drake Face $16 Million Lawsuit Over Club Brawl

The drama between Chris Brown and Drake isn’t over yet. Both of them are actually united (in a sense): they are on the receiving end of a $16 million lawsuit from the club where they and their entourages got into … Continue reading »

Rihanna Was More Concerned About Chris Brown After Assault (Video)

Watch More News Videos at ABC2012 Presidential ElectionEntertainment & Celebrity News Now this is not what I expected to hear in Rihanna’s interview with Oprah Winfrey for ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’! Rihanna REALLY opened up to Oprah. In this clip, Rihanna … Continue reading »

Rihanna Opens Up To Oprah About Losing “Best Friend” Chris Brown

We’ve already shown you the preview to Oprah‘s interview with Rihanna and now more details are emerging about what the pop star sat down to talk about with the Big O. Before I get into it, I just want to … Continue reading »

Rihanna & Drake Lead 2012 MTV VMA Nominations

Rihanna and Drake will have quite a night at the 2012 MTV VMA awards! They each received the most nominations with five apiece. And to make things even more interesting: Rihanna and Drake both face off against Chris Brown but … Continue reading »

Rumor: Rihanna & Chris Brown Enjoy Romantic Dinner

I think the saddest part about these rumors that Rihanna and Chris Brown are hooking up while vacationing in Europe is they seem believable. There were earlier rumors that they were visiting while vacationing in adjoining yachts in the South … Continue reading »

Chris Brown Performs And Parties In Cannes

There’s no doubt that when Chris Brown parties… he parties to the full extent! The chart topper was spotted living it up after a performance of his in Cannes in the South of France on Thursday evening. The notorious bad … Continue reading »

Quote Of The Day: Chris Brown On The Jackson Family Drama

“That Jackson family feud s**t gotta stop! Stop making y’all business public! Michael was under enough scrutiny. Don’t put the kids through the bulls**t! Work y’all s**t out as a family and stop giving them the pleasure of f**king wit y’all! Love … Continue reading »

Fact Or Fiction: Are Chris Brown & Rihanna Vacationing Together?

We know Rihanna’s been vacationing in Europe for the past week or so. When I saw the pictures of Chris Brown in the French Riviera, I wondered if the two would meet up. According to this story, Rihanna and Chris … Continue reading »