Celebrity Oops

Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Another Car Accident

Another day, another drama for Lindsay Lohan. After being involved in a highly-publicized car wreck earlier this summer, the Liz and Dick star got into a fender bender Wednesday afternoon. According to TMZ, Lindsay struck the back of a Mustang … Continue reading »

Kim Kardashian: “I’m More Famous Than Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie”

IF this Radar Online story is true, Kim Kardashian may find herself eating a little crow. A “friend” claims Kim was boasting about how popular she is and claiming she was more popular than some of the biggest Hollywood actresses out … Continue reading »

Rumor: Janet Jackson Slapped Paris Jackson

Yesterday I told you about the allegations an attorney representing Michael Jackson’s three kids, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket. The attorney claimed Janet Jackson, along with her brothers Randy and Jermaine, “ambushed” the three kids and tried to take their … Continue reading »

Minka Kelly Sex Tape Shopped Around

Uh-oh. Minka Kelly is the latest celeb caught up in a sex tape fiasco. This is assuming having a sex tape is even considered a fiasco anymore! TMZ reports that a 30 minute sex video of Minka and an ex-boyfriend … Continue reading »

Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Be A Big Sister!

Something tells me Lindsay Lohan isn’t exactly jumping up and down in joy and anticipation over the news that she’s getting another sibling (or won’t be once she finds out). Her father, Michael Lohan, and his apparently on-again girlfriend, Kate … Continue reading »

Charlie Sheen Tweeted During Sex

Charlie Sheen quit twitter over the weekend. This little bit of news about his tweeting activities is sure to make his nearly eight million followers even sadder. Charlie use to tweet during sex. Bree, a woman who dated Charlie from … Continue reading »

Madonna Breaks Down Onstage (Video)

I wonder what was going on with Madonna? She’s still on tour. While performing in Berlin, she broke down while performing her song ‘Like a Virgin.’ Lucky for her, her backup dancers had her back, appearing to comfort her and … Continue reading »

Tallulah Willis In The Middle Of A Nude Photo Scandal

And the latest celebrity victim of a nude photo scandal is… Tallulah Willis! According to Radar Online, pictures of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s youngest daughter are being shopped around to multiple media outlets. As Radar reports, the four images … Continue reading »

Kelly Osbourne Admits To Drinking & Has No Plans To Stop

Oh boy. Kelly Osbourne, who’s been to rehab in the past, admitted to Radar Online that she’s been drinking again. She admitted it was true that she had gotten drunk on a plane recently, acknowledges that she’s using alcohol to … Continue reading »

Paris Hilton Accused Of Attacking Paparazzo

Oh boy. This isn’t the type of attention Paris Hilton wants. She’s been accused of attacking a paparazzo. Billy Barrera says when Paris realized he was filming her in an LA garage after she left the Bootsy Bellows nightclub, the celebutante attempted … Continue reading »