Chevy Chase, Dan Harmon Feud Continues

The 3rd season wrap party for NBC’s ‘Community’ got a little heated when show creator Dan Harmon led an insulting chant towards star Chevy Chase who arrived at the party with his wife and daughter. Pretty low for someone (Harmon) who besides creating the hanging-on-by-a-thread NBC show, is basically only known for a crappy animated movie and a glorified Youtube video show, ‘Acceptable TV’. Oh, that and the half-assed ‘Sarah Silverman Program’. Enough said.

All of this supposedly started while filming a scene for the last episode. Chase supposedly had a problem with one of the scenes that was written for him. When he requested a rewrite, his proposal was shot down by Harmon and the shows producers to which Chevy replied that he would “respectively decline” and walked off the set without any incident or causing a scene (no pun intended). Harmon claims that he stuck to his guns because he had emotional attachment to the material he had written. Really? If you’re emotionally attached to any of the fucking garbage that has been written for ‘Community’ this season then you’re a fucking loser.

Chevy Chase later sent Harmon an appology and according to insiders from the set, all was thought to have been handled quietly. Well apparently the appology was not enough for Harmon. When Chevy Chase showed up for the wrap party, along with his wife and daughter, Dan begin chanting “Fuck You Chevy” and began encouraging others to join in. Sources claim that very few joined in.

Chase left the party immediately and later that evening left the now infamous voice mail to Harmon. The voice mail can be heard here: Chevy Chase voice mail to Dan Harmon

According to TMZ, One source is quouted as saying, “What Dan did was embarassing and left a sour taste in all of our mouths … so low class.”

The source adds, “The staff was not pissed at Chevy … we’re pissed at Dan. We all hope Chevy comes back next season.”

To make matters worse, Harmon pulled another low class move a few days later by playing the voice mail recording to an audience that he was performing in front of at a comedy event.

Some are reporting that feud or no feud, Chevy chase or no Chevy Chase, that because of a retings increase and a reported syndication deal with Comedy Central that NBC will not be pulling the show. Apparently they don’t watch their own shows because that show has become one of the worst pieces of shit on the air. And that is not any fault of the actors. That comes 100% down to the writing.

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