Was Kim Kardashians “Flour Bombing” Just A Publicity Stunt?

Rumors have been circulating around the web that the now infamous Kim Kardashian “flour bombing” incident that happened last Thursday was all just a publicity stunt. Some websites and sources are even claiming Kim K’s own attention-whoring mother, Kris “I-Really-Want-To-Be-A-Kardashian-Again” Jenner (sorry, Bruce) was behind it.

So, if you don’t know what happened (watch the full Kim Kardashian flour bombing video here), here’s what went down; Kim Karadashian was promoting some crap of hers (I’m not going to mention what she was promoting because I’m not going to give this idiot anymore promotion than I have to) in Hollywood this past Thursday night. While on the red carpet a woman approached her from behind and dumped a bag of flour her head and down her back. It was actually pretty fucking funny. But do I think it’s a was a hoax, 100%.

After watching and “analyzing” the video, it does seem suspiciously publicity stunt-esque. First of all the flour bomber first comes into frame at about 00:18. She was likely on the red carpet for at least a couple of seconds before she entered the shot. The security guard is clearly in view and doesn’t look to be more than 10 feet away from Karadashian. The actually flour bombing happens at right about 00:21. The attack lasted for barely 2 seconds. At 00:23 the attacker is already done and fleeing the scene and the security guard is seen making somewhat of attempt to nab the flour bomber. My point here is that there was easily 5 – 10 seconds or more where this unauthorized woman was walking down the red carpet, behind Kim Kardashian carrying a big bag of white powder and neither this guy, or any of the others there, security or not, did anything to stop this woman.

So that leads me to my next point, someone just dumped a bunch of “white powder” all over Kim Kardashian. Did it really seem to you like the kind of reaction that you would expect from Kim? I mean at this time no one could have known that it was only flour, right? It took almost another 15 seconds for them to walk, and not very hurriedly, into the building. And there she was with her same dumb look on her face. She does not seem to be very fazed by the incident.

Others around the web have also pointed out that it was very convenient that she had a wardrobe change ready so quickly. All this combined with her first stating that she wasn’t going to press charges because she didn’t have time and just wanted to proceed with her event.

With the whole wedding and subsequent divorce drama with Kris Humphries, launching a new product and filming her reality show, this seems like a great time for a stunt like this.

Here’s the Kim Kardashian flour bombing video

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