Diamond Talks Not Signing On To ‘Love x Hip Hop Atlanta’

Crime Mob’s former leading lady has decided not to sign on with the cast of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” after taking a couple of meetings with VH1 executives, and she’s pretty much laying it out on the table as to why she took a turn away from reality television.

There were some alleged details that the female rapper decided to drop out at the last minute when she heard that Lil Scrappy and his angry mama were joining the show and reportedly “got scared.” But the petite figured artist is sharing how she feels about the whole situation and doesn’t shy away from the Scrappy issue at hand.

“I’m not sure who all is on the show, but I just know that right now I’ve been focused on my album and just being surrounded around positive things and positive people, and I just can’t play with my career like that. Me being an artist in the middle of my career, you never know how TV can go. It can go good or it can go bad, and I just choose not to gamble with my career like that, you know.”

Diamond does realize that she wants to portray a less negative self-image and that reality television probably isn’t the best route to her intended path of being taken seriously as an artist. Props to her. She may be a bit smarter than we originally gave her credit for… but then again, she did date Soulja Boy.

via YBF

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