Deion Sanders Goes In On Pilar, Responding To Her $200 Million Lawsuit

Celebrity divorce is a very real, very nasty situation in most cases; and Deion Sanders’ situation with his ex-wife to be is no different. The pair has been battling it out (all her doing) since Pilar woke up one day and decided to take it to the press that she didn’t even know she was getting divorced. Please.

So when Deion’s daughter Deiondra took to her personal Twitter to air out the dirty laundry of her step-mother, Pilar took it real personal and filed a lawsuit to the tune of $200 million against her former husband and his daughter for plenty of “reasons” including defamation, libel, slander and who knows what else was listed.

But Deion has his little girl’s (and his own) back on this one. He refuted the court claims noting that Deiondra wasn’t lying when she went on her rants about Pilar being a “gold digging h-e.”

Though Deion always prefers to take the high road– and insists that his children do the same; sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. He has been wanting to get the case thrown out, but the courts say that a jury will have to rule on this one.

Who do you think the jury will favor?

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