Nicki Minaj Dons Pink Bikini In Hawaii For ‘Starships’ Video [PHOTOS]

Nicki Minaj is well aware of what her backside does to perfectly normal people. It creates hysteria. And Nicki owns it proudly. The “Super Bass” raptress has been in Hawaii most recently to shoot the hyped up video for “Starships.” She’s been prepping her latest album for fans that’s due out in just 20 more days, April 3rd.

This is all in addition to writing her two books at the moment, and she’s staying in fantastic shape to boot.

Nicki even tweeted a little bit of eye candy for the females, too– with four of her male dancers all dressed in pink, complete with hats and bow ties. Her caption went something like this: “Pu–ies is throbbin. Like… #DeadDaF–kA–. I’m movin to Hawaii.” Not as if the butt shots of Nicki weren’t eye candy enough for the females too… because who doesn’t love them a little Nicki?

Nicki Minaj Starships 3

She’s rocking some fluorescent green hair with the ensemble, but it works for the main Barb in charge. There’s some exciting chiffon draping going on around the hair and thighs, but not so much that you can’t see her curvy shape underneath.

What do you think, is the vibe right for this song?

Nicki Minaj Starships 2

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