Dawn Richard Gets Released From Bad Boy, Releases ‘Change’

Dawn Richard has done her time with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records, and she just revealed the other day that she’s been released from the Dirty Money label that she’s been with since Danity Kane. But she’s not released entirely, Dawn is still with Diddy’s brand for and Dirty Money projects– and is free to move about her solo career freely.

When she did a recent interview at this year’s Pre Grammy Awards bash with Young Money, Dawn shared, “Puff has been really great with being supportive of me starting a solo career, and he’s agreed to let me go from Bad Boy. I’m really grateful to him. He didn’t have to do that. He could have been what they say that he would be, and he wasn’t at all. He gave me a business decision. It was a very amicable decision. Now, it’s just about the music, and I want to make him and them proud of believing in me enough to let me go try it.”

Diddy has certainly always favored Dawn somewhat, as she is the only remaining member of Danity Kane still around him, and it appears that Kalenna may have left DDM for good to pursue her own successful tracks. One of them called “Change” where she croons about changing for the better to be with her man.

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