Heroes Season 4 Premiere Couldn’t Save Me from Boredom

baloneyThe season 4 premiere of Heroes aired the other day. As I was watching it I found myself unsure of how much I liked it or hated it, so while I watched, I jotted down a list of items that were good and bad about the episode so I could weigh the pros and cons to determine whether I liked it or not.

I will start with the good parts…

  1. Ali Larter gets attacked by the super fast carnival freak. This part was cool looking. Especially when Ali takes a knife to the kisser and her face turns to water for  a second.
  2. Claire’s new super annoying roommate dies before she is given the chance to totally annoy us all to the point of killing ourselves.
  3. Ando gets to make out with Hiro’s sister.
  4. Danko gets slaughtered by fast knifed freak and is hopefully really dead for good. He sucked.

As you can see there wasn’t much that really impressed me. Now for the bad…

  1. The new band of super powered carnival freaks totally suck. Carnival freaks suck in general… these guys are super sucky.
  2. The main carnival freak with the black nail polish is a total douche. Animated tattoos? Give me a fucking break. The writers are obviously trying to appeal to all the losers that watch all those horribly trashy tattoo shows. this dude is head carnie, wears nail polish and eye make-up, has animated tattoos and couldn’t be a bigger tool… great job writers.
  3. The new chick with all the tattoos is pretty hot but also has animated tattoos. She seems to be some sort of psychic but the animated tattoos appear on her back, so she can’t see them. Why can’t the nail polish dude just ask her to tell him about these visions. Oh yeah… if she did that, then Mr. Nail Polish’s ability would be completely pointless.
  4. Sylar starts haunting Matt Parkman’s mind and seems to actually be right there talking to him… how original.
  5. Claire’s new friend Gretchen totally sucks. I don’t know what else this gross looking bitch has been in but I seemed to subconsciously hate her as soon as she appeared on screen. I think it was some sort of left over disgust from seeing her horrible acting on some other show or movie but I can’t put my finger on it. It appears that this nosey broad has a special ability of her own… super shit talk. Too bad the annoying roommate didn’t land on this idiot when she fell/jumped out the window.

So that is it I guess. The good doesn’t quite make up for the bad. This carnie story line might be the final straw for me. The series keeps getting more and more lame with each new season.  The first season was so original and kept me coming back week after week. It is hard to believe how completely weak these supposed super heroes have become in a few short years. Maybe next season they will add a bunch of vampires and wizards  to the cast and then the show will achieve the totally ripped off, unoriginal suckage that the writers are obviously going for.


Comment from SciFciHero
Time September 30, 2009 at 3:30 pm

The episode was totally horrible. I can’t believe how fast and far this show has sunk into the tv crap pile