Mariah Carey Greets Fans On The Set Of ‘The Butler’

mariah carey greets fans on the set of the butler

I had no idea Mariah Carey had a role in the upcoming movie The Butler but she was spotted on set today looking pretty but casual in a strapless brown dress.  The singer/actress was all smiles as she stopped to greet some fans on her way back to her trailer between filming scenes.

Mariah is a busy lady lately with this new project as well as getting ready to film American Idol.  I know that there has been lots of talk about the next possible judge on AI with rumours today circulating that Nicki Minaj might be the next judge, but Mimi tweeted out a picture today of her with Lenny Kravitz with the caption;

What’s going on? need the info!! What about this combo? : ) if we could ever get him to do it!

Looks like Mariah has her own idea of who she wants as the next AI judge! I love the idea of Lenny on the show. What do you think?


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