Rumor: Does Chris Brown Want To Get Back With Rihanna?

It just seems like the Chris Brown and Rihanna love confusion (yes, confusion) she refuses to die. ThanksOprah! Usually after three years with a boyfriend, but I guess since , she just can’t stop talking about Chris Brown. And now apparently it’s gotten Chris worked up so much that he actually wants to get back together with his old love.

Here’s what we’re reading from :

Rihanna’s emotional August 19th Oprah interview made Chris Brown realize that they’re meant to be together! The 23-year-old singer texted Rihanna after he watched her cry on national television and apologized and confessed his love to her.

“Afterwards he got some water and was like ‘you know I love her and we’re going to get back [together] one day.’ After that, he sent her a text and thanked her for respecting him on the interview and he told her we was sorry for everything and that he loves her,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

First of all, I would really like to know who this source is? Didn’t Chris say he is totally happy in his new relationship with his new girlfriend? What do you guys think, should Chris and Rihanna get back together or should they just quit this and finally call it a day?

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