Angelina Jolie Shrugs Off Wedding Question

Now that , I’m sure are facing than ever! Trust the media to turn it into a race to the altar for these two couples. I doubt any of them would bow to the pressure, but it doesn’t mean the stories won’t continue. Angelina and Brad reportedly are vacationing in Greece with their kids. When they went out to dinner, Angelina’s white dress drew the inevitable question, .

“Angelina was in white, but she laughed and said ‘not yet’ when the restaurant owner asked if she was getting ready to be married. She also said, ‘We love Greece too much to leave . . . we have other islands to go to before heading back to France.”

The latest trend for Hollywood couples seems to be getting engaged but not actually getting married. Something tells me Brad and Angelina’s kids will NOT let their parents get away with that- LOL.

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