Jennifer Aniston Won’t Be Tying The Knot Without A Pre-Nup!

Now that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux , the wedding planning can officially begin. Though picking out a venue, a dress and wedding bands are all at the top of Jen’s “wedding check list,” there’s another item that need to work out— a pre-nup! According to reports, Jen is refusing to say “I do” until Justin signs on the dotted line.

“Jen’s thrilled to be getting married but she’s leaving nothing to chance,” . “She wants to make sure all her assets are protected, especially with her track record with men.”

Though Jen’s focus is her future with Justin, she did have a brief blast from the past. her first husband, Brad Pitt, reached out to offer his well wishes.

“Brad gave Jen a quick call to say how pleased he was to hear that she was getting married,” dished the source. “He jokingly asked if he should ‘save the date’, and they both laughed, but told her in all seriousness that he was really happy for her and Justin.”

There’s no doubt that Jen’s on cloud nine to Justin. With their impending nuptials on the way, I’m sure they’ll work out every last detail to ensure a happily ever after! :]

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Photos by Ivan Nikolov/WENN/FameFlynet