Jessica Biel Is Too Busy To Plan Her Wedding

Now THIS is a first: ! confesses time, and not being the best planner, are what’s getting in the way of planning .

“It’s very exciting but it’s hard to find the time for it! But it’s a good moment just to enjoy it. I have no idea of what I want. I am one of those people who are not very detailed orientated. I don’t feel like I’m one of those people who is like, ‘This has to be done this way.’ I’m more of a big idea person. I will probably give an idea and let it be created.”

And that is why we have wedding planners- LOL. Jessica said if she can’t come up with a good idea for the wedding, she may just leave it up to Justin.

“He does have incredible taste, that’s no lie there!”

Jessica said she hopes not to turn into a “bridezilla” but knows it’s possible.

 ”I feel like most of my friends, bless them, always go through some sort of something – one day of ‘bridezilla’. Maybe it’s just part of the experience.”

As you get closer and closer to your wedding day, the stress certainly can build up! I’m looking forward to seeing Jessica and Justin’s wedding pictures, whenever it happens.

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