Kris Humphries Tried To Subpoena Kanye West

Wow, this just seems like the , doesn’t it?  After only a brief 72 day marriage, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries still haven’t annulled their marriage!  I would think that both parties would be exhausted with it all by now and would just want it over and done with!  Kris is accusing Kim of marrying him solely for the ratings for her reality show and defrauding him in the process, and Kim is apparently frustrated at the never ending subpoenas and other requests that the Humphries team has been making.

According to Kris even tried to subpoena Kim’s current boyfriend, by having a process server drop off the papers wrapped up in a Nordstrom’s box!  That’s pretty clever, but not clever enough because Kim answered the door and refused the delivery.  If I were Kris I think I’d just want the entire marriage over and done with so he can move on.  Kim !

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