Kristen Stewart Has Not Been Dropped From The Snow White Sequel

Contrary to previous reports that Kristen Stewart from the planned sequel to her hit movie Snow White and The Huntsman, a rep from Universal has told today that isn’t the case.  According to a studio spokesperson;

“We are exploring options to continue the franchise and no decisions have been made.”

Well I think that’s an interesting choice of words though, don’t you think? Because it doesn’t sound like they’re fully behind Kristen Stewart returning either. It kind of sounds like they are looking into the Chris Hemsworth spin off idea as well.  Call me crazy but I think this is a lot of trouble over a cheating scandal. Sure but Kristen is only 22 and in her life.  I think we might be a bit harsh on her.  I don’t see why it should be costing her jobs. Thoughts?


Photos by FameFlynet Pictures