Joel Madden Dishes The Dirt On Nicole Richie

really let it all hang loose in this radio interview in Australia- LOL. He and spent several months in Australia with their kids while he did the Australia version of ‘The Voice.’ When the radio interviewer played , Joel didn’t hold back.

“First of all, she has that interview voice that really gets on my nerves! You ever hear your wife or girlfriend talk to someone you’re like, shut up man? She’s not that nice in real life!”

Joel also said he was the organized one in the family. He said it fell to him to make sure they were packed to make sure they didn’t miss their flight out of Australia after ‘The Voice’ finished filming.

“To be honest with you wecan’t count the number of bags she brought, it was in the neighborhood of 10 to15. After ‘The Voice’, I was like, ‘Let’s get the kids home.’ We were all homesick, I was like, ‘Can you pack all the bags?’ She said, ‘Yes,’ and then she didn’t pack all the bags.

“We were literally about to miss our flights, and I had to throw all this s**t in a bag. She is the worst with packing, she tells all our friends, ‘I pack his bags when we he goes on trips,’ she doesn’t pack my bags when I go on trips, I pack my own bags. [sic]“

Even watching the Olympics was a challenge.

“The final of the Olympics were on!  I’ve been in the studio, I missed most of the Olympics, all I wanted was to watch it. She was watching one of 10 movies she watches all the time; she watches ‘Glitter’, ‘First Wives Club’. She watches all these awful movies!”

Joel sounds like a typical married man- LOL. When the radio host said it was good to hear he had the same experiences that all men have with their wives, Joel said:

“God bless her though, I love my wife!”

Yeah, typical married man!

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joel madden lovingly complains about nicole richie

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