Scott Schuman Dishes To Harper’s Bazaar About Style And Kanye West

If anyone knows a thing or two about fashion, it’s Scott Schuman. The blogger/photographer behind the street style website,  is on the verge of releasing his second book.  got the chance to chat with Scott about style, photography and his relationship with .

Check out a few tidbits from the interview below!

On the future of street style photography:

SS: “I think the thing that’s tricky and why it hasn’t taken the next big step forward is because photographers now are going to the shows and they’re trying to shoot these “star editors.” You know when I started people knew who the editors in chief were and a few others, but nobody knew Giovanna Battaglia or Anna Dello Russo or those people. I was really shooting what I was responding to. And Giovanna ended up becoming somebody. And Anna Dello Russo ended up becoming somebody. I think that the part that’s holding people back now is that they basically only go to the shows. There’s very few of these street blogs that go back to their city, wherever that is, and shoot. People just get very obsessed with getting a picture of those known names, as opposed to really speaking from the heart and shooting from the heart. Having the bravery to shoot a “third row” person or not going to the shows and shooting somewhere else. For street style to be successful, photographers need to shoot in a more unique way to them.”

On what catches his eye style-wise:

SS: “I guess the way I think about it is, I’ve been in the fashion business for a long time and it’s so intuitive, it’s so second nature that I don’t really think about that when I’m shooting. When I see something in person that I want to shoot I never ask ‘is that in style, is that out of style?’ I think the proof is that people talk about how the internet has sped up fashion and that fashion is moving faster, and yet my first book keeps selling and a lot of those pictures are 5 and 6 years old.”

On Kanye West and the middle class:

SS: “You look at someone like me or Kanye [West] who were just a bunch of middle class kids who used style — it’s one of the things that moves you through society, moves you up through society. It’s like what you’re seeing with Moscow, and the same with what you’re going to be seeing with China, where they really didn’t have much of a middle class before.”

On how his brand collides with Kanye:

SS: “It’s a very natural, real relationship. I think I relate to him in the way that we’re two kids coming from where we came from and who looked at fashion in a particular way — as a way of expressing themselves. It’s as simple as that. People just happen to know who Kanye is but there are lot of others [who I relate to in a similar way].”

Scott’s book, ‘Closer,’ hits stores on Aug. 29.