Fact Or Fiction: Did Brad Pitt Congratulate Jennifer Aniston On Her Engagement?

This would be a sweet gesture if it was true, but my impression is and probably aren’t having ANY contact these days. However, this story reports Brad called to . A source told the London paper the Daily Mirror:

“Brad gave Jen a quick call to say how pleased he was to hear that she was getting married. He jokingly asked if he should ‘save the date’, and they both laughed, but told her in all seriousness that he was really happy for her and Justin. He wished her luck and told her he hopes they’re very happy together. Brad and Angelina are due to marry in the next few weeks and [Jennifer] wished him all the best for his wedding, too.

“Brad and Jen don’t get in touch that often as they’ve both moved on with their lives. Jen does still chat to his mom, Jane, so there are rumors in Hollywood that she will make an appearance at the wedding. But the guest list hasn’t even been started yet, so it’s too early to say for sure.”

I bet the best part of this for Brad is Jennifer’s engagement just might finally end the love triangle the media has had Jennifer, Brad, and Angelina Jolie in for so long! What do you think of this story: Fact or Fiction?

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