Jennifer Garner Talks About Her Evolving Parenting Style

Jennifer Garner is ! With 3 children under the age of six and a new movie to promote, the actress admits that she’s gone from a being ‘ a little bit neurotic‘ to learning how to ‘chill out‘ the more kids she’s had. Jennifer, who can be seen playing Cindy Green in ‘‘ told Fox 411′s Pop Tarts column that;

“My parenting style evolves all the time. With my first child I was a little more like Cindy Green in this movie, who is just obsessively trying to make sure her child is happy at every moment and always trying to control his environment and make sure he has everything he might possibly need.

“I was just a little bit neurotic as many first-time moms can be.”

“You learn to let go of some of that, when you are working the hardest sometimes you are making it the hardest for your child too, and you just chill out a bit.

“I went from having a diaper bag packed with fifteen diapers, and ten changes of clothes and every kind of rash cream to throwing a diaper in my purse and being like, ‘Yeah, we will figure out the rest. It’s good.’”

Jennifer certainly looks like she’s very relaxed now! The actress has been busy promoting her upcoming movie and paid a visit to David Letterman tonight looking fab! I’ve heard good things about . Will you go see it?

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