Kristen Stewart “Relieved” After Robert Pattinson’s ‘Daily Show’ Interview

reportedly tuned in to watch for his first interview after the cheating scandal broke, ‘.’ She’s said to be relieved. I don’t blame her: . Jon Stewart was kind to her, too. An insider :

“Just like his devout fans, Kristen tuned into Robert’s interview with Jon Stewart with drawn breath. But after seeing him deflect the questions about her, Kristen’s anxiety soon disappeared and instead she was filled with regret.


“While she was obviously relieved that Robert didn’t trash her, the realization that their relationship was finally over hit her hard. Kristen was praying that after the dust settled she would get another chance and she was clinging on to that hope. But she knows now that it’s not to be. Instead, she’s believes that they can now work on a friendship and is desperate to apologize to Robert in person for her affair with Rupert.


“She doesn’t want to lose Robert completely in her life and would love to count on him as one of her closest friends. After all, they both achieved worldwide fame together because of the Twilight films and that’s something the pair will always share. While their relationship might have been tainted, they could still be the best of friends one day.”

Given that Robert is now willing to see her face-to-face, Kristen just may get her wish. It sounds like he, too, doesn’t want to be her enemy. I can’t IMAGINE being in my 20s and having all my relationship drama play out in the media like this! If they can manage to do the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ media roundsprofessionally, they will have my enduring respect.

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