Nicki Minaj Performs With Bruised Vocal Chord

rocked this morning. Talk about being the lady in red! Yet she sent out a tweet indicating she wasn’t supposed to be singing. Last night when someone asked , she :

The doctor has asked me to take 2 wks of voice rest… But…I’d have 2 miss both shows tmrw, ^ 2 UK festivals, + Dublin

Then, after appearing on ‘Today’ this morning, Nicki tweeted:

Doctor’s orders. Out for the count now.¬†Another x-ray cmng up! Its a bruised Vocal Chord.¬†Jodin Sparks was praying for me backstage cuz she had a bruised vocal chord too! Haha! We were so dramatic!

So it sounds like Nicki made it through the ‘Today’ show but may have to cancel some upcoming performances. Like many of her twitter followers said, I say: Nicki, take care of yourself! Here’s Nicki’s ‘Today’ performance from this morning:

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