Robert Pattinson Sits Down With Jon Stewart (Video)

I thought Robert Pattinson’s first interview on ‘The Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart went REALLY well! Jon handled the whole cheating scandal rather gracefully by whipping out the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream- LOL. Robert took the high road, refusing to discuss Kristen Stewart. Jon’s imitation of how women talk after a breakup “Boy, you are better off: kick her to the curb” was hilarious. He probably though Will Ferrell had been rough enough on Kristen.

There was no way NOT to talk about the cheating, but really, could it have been any better than this? Jon wished Robert all the best so he could handle the situation privately. Then they moved on to talking about ‘Cosmopolis.’ ‘Cosmopolis’ sounds like quite a movie. Are you interested in seeing it (if you can find a showing, which sounds like a tough job)?