Sarah Palin Is Confident Her Husband Todd Will Do Well On NBC’s “Stars Earn Stripes”

Doesn’t it seem like all of the Palins are ? Following in the footsteps of wife Sarah Palin and daughter Bristol Palin, hubby Todd Palin is making his official reality television debut by participating in NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes this fall. Both Sarah and Todd opened up about the experience to Parade Magazine where they talked about the show and how competition wise. Here are some snippets of what they said:

The most difficult thing about filming Stars Earn Stripes…
TP: “Just some of the missions that we were going through and the level of danger and the mental, emotion, and physical strain. I knew that we were going to do some pretty gnarly stuff, but I didn’t expect jumping out of helicopters!”

How the Palin family reacted to Todd joining the series…
TP: ”I put it in front of the family before I made the decision to participate. They were definitely supportive.”

Ccheering Todd on from the sidelines?
SP: ”I support him in his commercial fishing, snowmobile racing, flying, raising five kids, and everything else that he does! I supported him wholeheartedly. This was something very worthy and very fun to support. It was such an awesome experience for Todd.

With the serious athletes competing on this series, was Sarah concerned about how Todd would do in some of the more challenging missions?
SP: ”No because Todd’s a hardcore, kick-butt athlete — that’s what a commercial fisherman is! All of the things he does in real life as a racer and a pilot came together very well for him as a competitor. I’m looking forward to watching it as a family.”

Photos via FameFlynet