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Judd Apatow meets Scott Turow in a rollicking debut thriller featuring one-of-a-kind New Yorkattorney Tug Wyler.  While prosecutors and criminal attorneys abound in the mystery world, rarely have readers been thrust headlong into the high-stakes arena of personal injury law.  In SUZY’S CASE (Scribner; July 10, 2012; $26.00 hardcover), injects antic wit and unexpected tenderness into an utterly compelling medical malpractice case in which a little girl clings to life.

Tug, a dogged and ingenious seeker of justice, is very much a law unto himself. He’s a street-smart idealist and born cut-up who thinks on his feet in always unpredictable ways, with high-wire risk-taking a major part of his legal life. When he begins to look into the case of the severely brain-damaged Suzy Williams, Tug’s heart instantly goes out to this gallant child and her devoted mother June.  The trouble is, his passionate commitment to Suzy’s cause soon attracts attention that’s unexpected, unwanted and highly unfriendly. Suddenly, Tug finds himself pitched headlong into is a surreal sideshow of danger and violence which doesn’t let up until the story’s harrowing yet righteous conclusion.

“At the center of Suzy’s Case lays the rush to cover up genuine wrongs,” says author Andy Siegel. “What keeps Tug digging deeper and deeper into the circumstances here is his compulsion, like mine, to make the system work for the injured victim, an outcome the big insurance companies vigorously resist.”

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About the author:

Andrew Siegel is a personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in New York City and serves on the the Board of Directors of the New York State Trial Lawyers Association. He has spent his entire legal careerworking on behalf of injury victims and their families.  When you ask him, he’s able to describe his professional commitment with just two words: “patient safety.” In SUZY’S CASE, he offers a shrewd, surprising take on the law—both inside and outside the courtroom—while introducing one of the quirkiest and most original heroes to turn up in current mystery fiction.

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