Congratulations To The Trident See What Unfolds Contest Winners!

As you might recall, I’m Not Obsessed recently covered a story where Trident invited fans to participate in their See What Unfolds music video contest! Once the finalists were selected, fans were directed to vote for their favorite video, and we’re excited to announce that the results are finally in!

Well…here’s a big congratulations to Jury Winner San Charoenchai, who took home the $10K prize! We’d also like to congratulate Fan Selection Winner Muriel Riquelme, winner of the $5K prize – see the winning videos below:

Jury Winner –

Fan Selection Winner –

If you liked the winning video, be sure to check out this Q&A with Jury Winner San Charoenchai!

Please give us some brief background on your career.

After studying Communication Design and Computer Animation at FIT in New York City, I ended up working at a studio called UVPhactory ( We worked on several interesting broadcast projects for clients like Syfy, ABC, VH1 and Versus.  I was there for over 4 years, eventually becoming the lead 3D animator. In May 2012, I left New York to explore the West Coast industry with my wife (who is also an animator). I’m currently freelancing in Los Angeles, and working on an occasional Trident music video.

How long have you been in film making?

I’ve been working on little comics and short animations since I was a kid. My student thesis film ‘Big Shot’ was selected as a Regional Finalist for the 2007 Student Academy Awards. I suppose that was my first ‘real’ film. In 2011, I made ‘Frankie Rulez!!!’, a 5 minute animated short that was screened at a handful of festivals and picked up a couple awards. That was my first ‘real’ film where I kind of knew what I was doing. But, not really.

What attracted you to this project?

I loved the Trident: See What Unfolds TV campaign that was posted as a reference for the music video. It had all these weird and colorful 2D animated flourishes, so I assumed there was a certain preference for a concept that was bold, graphic and animated. Myself being an animator and designer, I felt this was my strength, so it seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

Where do you hope to take your film making?

I hope to continue directing short films and music videos, and eventually work on a feature length film. If one day I directed a feature length animated film that was on the level of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Barry Lyndon’ I think I would die happy.

Do you have any upcoming projects you would like to discuss?

I’m currently working on another music video for After that I have a few other short film ideas simmering, but nothing really solidified. You can always get an update on my work at my personal website

Any advice for other up and coming producers?

It sounds trite, but from my experience: it’s really important to finish what you start. I have always been guilty of getting lazy or down on myself and feeling the temptation to give up and try something else. Even with the Trident music video, I started doubting myself halfway through and wanted to give up and go take a nap. Fortunately, I kept at it, did the best I could and finished it. The hard work definitely paid off.

Congratulations, San (and Muriel)!!!