Tori Spelling Addresses Her Bikini Bump Haters

By now we should all know that you simply do not mess with a pregnant woman’s emotions! Actress Tori Spelling, who is pregnant with her fourth child, is calling out all of her haters who have said that her is totally wrong. Well, the Beverly Hills 90210 alumni and here’s what she says:

I have to say, I’m super proud of my bump.  Why should I be embarrassed and cover up something that’s the greatest gift a woman can experience? A pregnant woman in any shape or size is beautiful! Pregnancy is an amazing journey and we preggers should be able to show it off. I call it BUMP PROUD! Embrace your growing curves and bourgeoning belly. 

Plus, we are hard at work baking a baby. It’s not easy! It’s tough. We have aches and pains and things happen to our bodies we never imagined, so we should have the same right – if not more – to dress how we want without judgment. Plus, I would wear either of those bathing suits before pregnancy (and I have! Plus, the monokini is vintage and 70’s crochet chic) so why shouldn’t I be able to now just because I have a big baby belly? 

And, as for setting an example as a mother- please. I’m making a conscious choice to show my daughters that they can express themselves and be proud as a woman of their bodies. I don’t ever want them to think that they should be ashamed of or self-conscious of their bodies, no matter what shape it’s in. 

Good for you Tori for standing up to what you believe in. And quite honestly, there is nothing wrong at all with women showing off their bumps in their bikinis – especially if they have the body to do so! The only time I ever felt incredibly comfortable in a two piece was when I was pregnant – it was one of the few times in my life that my stomach was completely firm! What are your thoughts?

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