Rumor: Is Kobe Bryant Hooking Up With Other Athletes At The Olympics?

Shouldn’t he have learned his lesson by now?!?! Rumor has it that Kobe Bryant is at the even though his wife Vanessa and his two daughters are there with him too! Apparently, he’s got his eye on Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice! And to make things worse, everyone at the Aquatic Center has noticed it, too.  Australian athlete Liz Cambage also sent some tweets alluding to Kobe’s attempts to get drawls from any woman on site.

Here’s what Australian swimmer Craig Stevens had this to say about the situation:

“There’s definitely something going on… I was on the last Olympic team and he was hanging with us a fair bit at the different parties and whatnot,” Stevens told Triple M.

“So Kobe was trying it on [with Stephanie Rice] four years ago, you reckon?” Triple M’s Mark “MG” Geyer asked Stevens.

“I remember her telling the story [of] how he put it to her… that he had the family coming the next day but he had that night free,” Stevens told Triple M. (Via )

Bad habits die hard, huh? It’s not enough that he tried to hook up with the swimmers four years ago, but he’s trying to do the same now. Settle down, Kobe!

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