Is Kristen Stewart Dropping Out Of Her New Movie ‘Cali’?

We’ve already heard about ‘‘ star  decision Now reports Kristen’s dropped out of her new movie, ‘Cali.’ She was set to star with ‘Magic Mike’ star Alex Pettyfer. ‘Cali’ is about:

…lovers who sell a fake snuff film and run away, only to return to Los Angeles years later to rescue the woman’s younger sister from bad guys.

Kristen’s reps have not returned requests for a comment. The production company behind ‘Cali’ told Gossip Cop an announcement would be made “soon.” Amber Heard reportedly has been offered the part. Kristen was also a producer for ‘Cali.’ IF this is true, I hope Kristen dropped out for non-scandal related reasons. Turning down work is the LAST thing she should do!

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