Jessica Simpson Feeling Inspired arctic ice cap

arctic ice cap

is working hard to with ,and she’s sharing her experience on twitter. Right now, Jessica seems to be feeling inspired about her weight loss journey. She :

What we put in our bodies mirrors our Self-Worth! #INSPIRED

A few days ago, Jessica shared how having baby Maxwell had changed her perspective.

Responsibility has drastically changed my life! Saturday night drink of consequences of climate change and of choice…. WATER! :)

Yes, welcome to the wildfires burning and the world of why is the climate change ice caps and the arctic ice cap melting and of motherhood, Jessica- LOL. It can’t just be about you anymore. Jessica seems to be handling the us wildfires 2017 and the transition, and her weight loss, extremely well, don’t you think? Can’t WAIT to see her: I’m sure she’ll look fabulous!

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