Rumor: Does Jennifer Aniston Want To Set Up A Photo Op With Angelina Jolie?

Oh no, no, no, no. No matter how desperate you are to put the rumors about your private life to rest, this is just a bad idea. I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I would never, and I mean NEVER do some sort of photo op or reach out to one of my husband’s old flames or even any of his future flames for that matter (and let’s hope their won’t be any!). Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston‘s people reached out to Angelina Jolie‘s reps to try and set up a photo op of the two or at least have Angie tape a spot in one of Jen’s Smartwater videos next to her. Really, ?

Here’s what we’re reading from Us Weekly:

Is the feud finally over? Jennifer Aniston, 43, is apparently dying to release a photo with rival Angelina Jolie, 37, to coincide with her upcoming viral video ad for Smartwater. “Jen doesn’t have problems with Angelina anymore!” a source tells Us Weekly.

After Jolie reportedly broke up Jen and Brad Pitt’s marriage in 2005, reports have circulated that the two actresses hate each other. But seven years later, Jen is ready to bury the hatchet.

“Jen recently contemplated having her people call Angelina’s team to arrange a photo op for them just to put the rumors that they hate each other to rest,” a source tells Us.

In her upcoming video promoting Smartwater, to be released this fall, she pokes fun at the constant rumorsthat she is pregnant or engaged. “Jen wanted to time the shot with Angelina to the video’s release,” the inside source spilled.

While sure it might make headlines seeing a video of Angie and Jen together, there’s just something totally wrong about Jen wanting to do this. I mean, hello, she did break up your marriage! Just let it be, move on, and to death already? It’s been seven years!

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