Ryan Lochte Might Get His Own Reality Television Show

So it looks like Olympic swimmers are fast becoming the new celebrities! We already told you about how Michael Phelps might be making his way to Dancing With The Stars today, and now it looks like Ryan Lochte might be getting some small screen time too as rumor has it that he might be getting his own reality television show. Here’s what the Hollywood Reporter writes:

Perhaps not surprising, Lochte’s sports agent,¬†Erika¬†Wright, tells¬†THR¬†that the swimmer has received offers to create a fashion line and has been asked by¬†Will Ferrell¬†to make a FunnyOrDie video, and multiple TV offers are on the table.

“I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed,” Wright writes in an e-mail, adding that American talk shows are angling to book Lochte as a guest when he returns to the states.

So, Ryan Lochte on a reality show? Do you think it would be a hit given how people tend to forget about the Olympics only a few short months after they are over?

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