Bristol Palin Worried She Might Gain Weight On “Dancing With The Stars”

I know that a lot of people bashed Bristol Palin during her last stint on Dancing With The Stars, because it seemed like while all of the other contestants were getting in shape and losing weight each week, it was the opposite for her. She was actually the first dancer to gain weight on the show. And while that might sound pretty crazy, I completely understand her. Sometimes when you work out so much and so hard, you kind of go home and over eat to make up for the energy you lose. I’m not saying that’s what happened with Bristol, but it might have been a possibility.

Well now the reality television star is opening up about her weight gain and says it’s something she doesn’t want to repeat when she appears on the DWTS all-star show. ”My goal [is] not to gain any weight,” the young mom recently told People Magazine during the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills. “I think it’s hurtful for any girl when someone’s criticizing their weight on a national level. It’s an awkward position.”

Another goal? Palin plans to take the competition “as serious as I took it last time,” she says. “If I get voted off week one, then I get voted off week one. Hopefully I stick in there longer.”

We’ll be cheering you on, Bristol!

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