Rachel Weisz: “I Love Being Married To James Bond”

Actually, what she said was “I love being married to Daniel Craig,” but you get what I mean. When you’re married to Daniel Craig, you might as well have fun and call him James Bond at home once in awhile too, right? LOL. Well, Rachel Weisz sure is one lucky woman as she recently opened up to Britain’s Hello! Magazine about married life and her career. Here are a few snippets of what she says:

What she finds attractive in a man: “There is something incredibly sexy about a man who is good at what he does. Ask any woman and she’ll agree that to see a man be really talented in his line of work is amazingly attractive. I’m not sure it necessarily works the other way, that men are so interested in that quality in a woman… but we women, we love talent in our men.”

On Daniel: “I love being married to Daniel… It’s a wonderful feeling of stability and it’s very grounding. I mean, it hasn’t made more domestic or anything – just being married doesn’t suddenly make you able to cook – but I am very happy right now. Extremely happy, in fact.”

On her relationship to Darren Aronofsky: “I was living in sin. We did talk about getting married, how we’d do it, what kind of ceremony we’d have, but somehow we never found the time to make up our minds and actually tie the knot.”

Working with Daniel Craig 20 years ago on a play: They’d kept in casualcontact ever since. Neither is about to divulge what happened on the moonlit nights in Canada while filming Dream House, but they emerged a couple and around a year later, they married in New York.

Running in The Bourne Legacy: “I have to do a lot of running in the film and the hardest thing I had to learn was how not to run like a girl. Apparently, because women’s hips are wider than men’s it means our feet turn out when we run and I really had to work on that. I was difficult.”

On her son, Henry: “He not really interested in what I do. When I was shooting Oz, I said, ‘Come and see me, Mommy’s going to fly, want to come and watch?’ and he just didn’t care. That’s fine – he has his own fantasy life, which is much richer than anything he can see in the movies. And why should movies be so special to him? His dad makes them all the time. And… well, his stepdad is JamesBond, isn’t he?”

She finds many actresses attractive: ”Acting is a different world. I find women sexier on screen than men. ‘People like Gena Rowlands, Juliette Binoche and Cate Blanchett. ‘When you work with actors, you don’t find them particularly sexy. Brendan Fraser, in ‘The Mummy’, for example, is very gentle for a big action man. Almost courtly, in fact. ‘He is quite mysterious, with a lot going on in his head.”

Being grounded: ”I think being a mum has completely grounded me. Being a mum is just delicious.

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