Fact Or Fiction: Katie Holmes Employs Confidence Coach

I’m not sure about this story, but here it is: the newly single reportedly is employing a confidence coach to help her cope with from. A source told Britian’s Grazia magazine:

“Finally free from Tom, Katie is keen to find her own voice. So she has sought professional help and has employed a confidence coach who she’s been seeing once a week to help her regain who she once was.”

Although Katie’s the one who initiated the split, “insiders” say she’s having trouble sleeping because of all she has on her mind right now.

“The glow and radiance that defined Katie post-split seem to have evaporated. She won’t have anticipated that she would suffer from a complete lack of self-confidence, and what it would actually feel like not being Mrs. Tom Cruise. It’s like she’s struggling to regain her own identity while balancing work, motherhood and keeping Suri grounded. With so much on her mind, it’s hardly surprising that she’s not sleeping for more than five hours a night. She doesn’t regret what she did – far from it. But she’s found it harder to carry as normal these past few weeks.”

Now contrast this with since leaving Tom. Since Katie is the one who wanted to end the marriage, and planned it so carefully, I’m thinking this story is “fiction.” I can see her having to make an adjustment, but she’s taken charge of her life so decisively, I doubt she’s struggling like this. What do you think: Fact or Fiction?

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