Katie Holmes Takes Daughter Suri To A Museum In New York City

Yes, I’ll go ahead and say it: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are going on overdrive by spoiling their daughter Suri just so they can show off to the world that they’re the better parent. I mean, this girl doesn’t get a break! One moment she’s flown to the Hamptons for a weekend with her dad, the next she’s at Disney World in Florida and now she’s back in Manhattan with her mother. For a 6-year-old she sure has a BUSY life. Doesn’t she ever get to relax and watch Disney Junior at home like other kids, LOL?

Well, I guess the lifestyle must suit her because mom Katie was spotted taking her to MOMA in New York City on Monday afternoon. There is no doubt Suri has seen more museums in her short life than most people do in a lifetime, right? Oh well, at least it’s all educational!

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