The Boys Of Big Time Rush Open Up To Parade Magazine

I’ll be first to admit that I need to be a little better schooled in my boy band knowledge. One Direction, The Wanted, Big Time Rush… it seems like these boys just came out of no where and exploded on the scene, right? Well, the dudes of Big Time Rush are doing their best to distinguish themselves as one of the top boy bands in the country right now and they recently opened up to Parade Magazine to talk about how they get along with each other, their ups and downs, and so on. Here are some snippets from their interview:

When asked if they like each other as much as it seems, they light up like fireflies.  
Logan: “Yeah We argue like brothers, but we love each other.”

It was the band members themselves who came up with the name Big Time Rush, or BTR to fans.  
Logan: “[Nickelodeon] had Go Big Time, but we couldn’t stand it.”

They’re serious about their –music; like prefab boy bands before them, they’re learning to exercise creative control. They –cowrote eight of the songs on Elevate
James: “The second time around we were like, ‘This is our band. We should be contributing to what it is.’”
Kendall: “We also decided, ‘Hey, we’re grown men. We can pick out our own shoes for the cover.’”

And they take special care with their fans. They know what it feels like to be treated badly by someone they admire.  
Kendall: “How many artists have you seen just walk away and act like it’s not important?”
Carlos: “I hate meeting my favorite bands because then it just ruins it.”
James: “Yeah. They act like they’re better, and nobody’s better than somebody else. By all means, we’re not perfect, but I think the least we can do for our fans is be nice.”
Logan: “For us to even say hi to someone, to change their day around or change something inside of them—that’s a pretty cool feeling.”

Photo via FameFlynet