Natalie Portman Grabs An Early Lunch

Actress and celebrity mom Natalie Portman was spotted grabbing a quick lunch by herself in West Hollywood, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon. The “Black Swan” star looked very casual and relaxed in a simple white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

It’s funny how a woman as beautiful as Natalie can dress down like this and still look completely gorgeous, right? The woman can get away with wearing sweats everyday and men would still be drooling over her! LOL. Check out our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.

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FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847977 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847978 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847979 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847980 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847981 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847982 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847983 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847984 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847985 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847986 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847987 FFN-Portman_Natalie_ROCSTAR_DMAC_080112-50847988

Photos via FameFlynet