OMG! Guess Who Ryan Lochte Is Dating!

Well this came out of no where! Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte‘s private life has been suspiciously private…. until now. Apparently, the Gold Medalist is dating Atlanta rapper K. Michelle, but wants to keep things on the down low because his people around him think it would be bad for his image if he went public with his relationship. Here’s what we’re reading from Bossip:

“K Michelle is real hood . . . that’s not the image he wants to portray. Besides it’s never good for a handsome man to tell people that he has a girlfriend,” an insider told sources.

Despite Ryan’s mother recently saying the athlete was too busy for a relationship, the video clip below shows K. Michelle revealing she is “dating a white guy” who “is a swimmer.”

Wow! Actually, they look pretty cute together, don’t they? But face it, you were probably pretty surprised to see this come out of no where too, right? LOL

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