Rumor: Did Tom Cruise Invite A Tabloid Reporter To Witness His Reunion With Daughter Suri?

This would be so wrong if it were so true, but then again this is Hollywood and image is obviously everything. There is a hot new rumor that says Tom Cruise invited a tabloid reporter to witness his reunion with Suri Cruise two weeks ago so Tom could have his image repaired by the media.

According to a new report, Tom might or might have not known that there was a reporter swimming at the same hotel both he and Suri were recently at during their mini-reunion weekend together away from New York City. You just have got to read what Star Magazine says about it:

Our reporter chose not to interfere with their reunion, but for the next hour and half would up swimming and hanging out with Tom and Suri. He and his daughter played “catch,” where Suri would paddle around the pool on a foam noodle as Tom chased her. They also played a game where she was always safe on her “sea horse.” He also taught her how to shoot water out of the foam noodles and blow bubbles in the water.

Towards the end of their pool time, another couple entered the room. When the woman realized who he was, she became excited.

“So you’re the reason all the paparazzi are outside!” she declared. “Someone told me all this commotion was over Mary-Kate Olsen.”

“Can we please not talk about this?” Tom said. But she kept rambling about how she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t just leave him alone. This time, Tom raised his voice and said,” Please, let’s not talk about this, OK?”

Our reporter was left with an overwhelming impression of an extremely doting father and a daugther who trusted him implicitly.”

What do you think? Did Tom really invite a reporter to come “witness” him being a doting dad to Suri? And out of all the magazines in the world, would he have really chosen one from Star???