Celebrity Pictures: Madonna Performs In Concert In Paris

It’s been a few good years since I’ve been to a Madonna concert. I was a huge fan of hers when her career seemed to be reignited about ten years ago, but my feelings for the former chart topper have since died down. I guess it’s because she focuses too much on shocking people with her antics than her music. As we all know too well her album sales haven’t been doing so hot lately so I goes Madge needs some sort of gimmick to get people to buy her show tickets. While I’m sure that she still puts on a good show, I wouldn’t doubt it that people are tired of the political rants and all the anti-Catholic Church bashing she does.

Check out our photo gallery of Madonna’s latest concert in Paris (where she supposedly apologized to a French politician Marine Le Pen for putting an image of a swastika next her) and tell us, would you still pay big bucks to see Madonna perform live? If it were still 2006, I’d say yes, but six years and two kids plus a recession later, $200 for a concert is just way too much money if you ask me.

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Photos via FameFlynet