New Trailer: Meryl Streep & Tommy Lee Jones In ‘Hope Springs’

I never would’ve pictured Meryl Streep and ‘Men in Black’ star Tommy Lee Jones together as a married couple. Yet they are in their new movie ‘Hope Springs.’ Meryl is a wife who wants to bring excitement back to her marriage of 31 years. Tommy is the long-suffering husband who seems to like things the way they are but is willing to humor his wife.
As if this casting wasn’t surprising enough, who EVER would imagine Steve Carrel as a marriage therapist?! There’s not enough of him to see if he’s serious or funny in those roles. He does the “serious yet funny” so well (like his suicidal character in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’). Tommy was funny enough, though, with his whispered “Let’s just get our things and go” line after Steve suggests they have sex- LOL. I think this is a movie I’m going to watch. How about you?