Will Katie Holmes Force Tom Cruise To Take A Paternity Test?

Ooohhh. Things just got interesting. I know a lot of people have thrown around the idea that Tom Cruise might not be Suri Cruise’s biological father and it looks like her might just have to prove that he is with a paternity test (and a side note, I’ve always thought that his adopted son Conner looks just like him and that he might in fact be Tom’s son. Am I alone on this?).

The National Enquirer is running with this story, suggesting that Katie Holmes’ old beau Chris Klein might even be Suri’s father or her Dawon’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson. Here’s what the write:

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s abrupt divorce has once against given rise to unbelievable new questions about their daughter Suri’s paternity, and Tom is absolutely outraged over the persistent lies and crazy rumors, say sources. The 50-year-old star will be most disturbed over suppositions that Suri will someday ask him to take a paternity test to prove he’s her father.

“Tom is furious that rumors over whether or not he’s Suri’s biological dad persist, and he’s completely outraged that the chatter has intensified since his split with Katie,” revealed a source close to Cruise. “Tom loves that little girl with all his heart and his priority in life is keeping a strong father-daughter bond despite his and Katie’s bust-up. In fact, the reason he fast-tracked the divorce settlement is because he wanted to ensure that he’d never have issues seeing Suri or being a big part of her life.

Since Katie blindsided Tom with the divorce filing, outrageous rumors have exploded on the Internet, with one website suggesting that actor josh Hartnett could be Suri’s daddy. And another insists that Suri is the spitting image of Katie’s “Dawson’s Creek” co-star Joshua Jackson. “I think she was pregnant when she met Tom,” writes a poster.

Ridiculous, right? Now let’s get on with a more important rumor: is Connor really Tom’s biological son? That I’d like to know!

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