Kim Kardashian Does “Ugly Cry” On Roller Coaster

OMG! This is the most hilarious photo I’ve seen since… ever. Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Kim Kardashian tweeted this picture of her doing her “ugly face” with boyfriend Kayne West and sister Kendell Jenner while riding on the Magic Mountain Rollercoaster in California on Thursday afternoon. Kendell tweeted:

“Magic Mountain fun today!!! Kendall screaming, Kanye laughing & me crying!”

Kim just can’t get a break with the faces she makes when she cries, right? Plus, it looked like both Kendell and Kanye were having an awesome time so the only person who was scared here was poor Kimmy Cakes. Plus, does anyone really have a “pretty cry” face anyway? LOL. I’m pretty sure this pic is going to make all of the gossip blogs today. It’s hard being a Kardashian, isn’t it?

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